As we all know, Dallas Fort-Worth experiences its share of severe weather.

From large hail to strong winds, roofs in our area take a beating year round. While shingles are made to withstand a certain amount of hail and wind, extreme storms can total out even brand new roofs. A totaled roof can go completely unnoticed as damage cannot usually be seen from ground level. Ridgecap inspectors work with all insurance carriers and know what each of them look for when determining if a roof should be replaced. Having your roof inspected by Ridgecap Consulting ensures that you are only filing a claim when necessary.

Neglecting to have your roof inspected annually can cost you thousands.

As damage is not often seen from the ground, homeowners often make the costly mistake of waiting until they spot a leak before they have their roof inspected. This is equivalent to not checking the tread on your tires and waiting for a blowout before taking action. In many cases roofs need to be replaced long before any leaks develop. It is important to remember that insurance carriers have statutes of limitations following a storm event in which a claim must be filed in order to have a covered loss. Therefore, delaying an inspection can result in the homeowner being 100% liable for all costs associated with the replacement and/or repair.

Not just a roof inspection

Ridgecap consultants not only provide a thorough assessment of your roof, they take the time to inspect all of your peripheral components to determine which items qualify for replacement under an insurance claim. These items include but are not limited to: gutters, windows, fences, AC units, exterior paint, siding, garage doors, interior, pool decking, detached structures etc.

The Ridgecap Advantage

Our consultants ensure that that you receive full value, not the bare minimum often paid by insurance companies. Insurance companies routinely pay less than is required to repair and replace damaged items, leaving homeowners and their contractors taking shortcuts on the quality of both materials and craftsmanship. Ridgecap Consulting’s experienced staff knows how to negotiate with your insurance carrier and routinely increase the amount of the original claim by 50-100%.

In addition to maximizing your claim amount, our company takes pride in ethical business practices through honest invoicing to insurance carriers. By following all state insurance laws our customers can rest assured they will not be involved in insurance fraud or material misrepresentation.

Our Hands on Approach

We take pride in the quality of our customer service. Insurance claims can be daunting and confusing. Your assigned consultant will provide you with an informative and hassle-free experience by educating you on how to read your insurance paperwork and negotiating behind the scenes to ensure the best value for your claim. Most storm claims involve multiple trades. As a general contractor, Ridgecap Consulting will handle all of the trades and required coordination for each while keeping you up to date on each step of the process.