Are you curious how solar screens work and if they’re right for your home? You’ve come to the right place!

Solar screens are dark screen panels that are placed on your window. Solar screens interwoven design deflects the brightness of the sunlight so that no sun glare enters your home. The solar screens won’t block sunlight from coming in your room, you’ll still have a bright room with plenty of sunshine; your room won’t be dark. Solar Window Screens are helpful when trying to reduce the sunlight entering your home. By providing as much as a 70% barrier from the sun’s ultra-violet rays to the glass on the windows, which helps keep the window cool; in return it helps lower the cost to cool a home.

Solar Screens also stop damage from occurring to your furniture, floors, and drapes by keeping the harmful UV rays out of your home. Solar screens will pay for themselves after a few years due to the savings from heating and cooling your home. With the many benefits of solar screens and the low cost many homeowners find that these screens are the right choice for them. Call today to get a free estimate to start saving on your heating and cooling cost!