Is your roof leaking?

While some leaks are obvious with water pouring into your home, others are less noticeable leaving only yellow stains on your ceiling. Regardless of the severity, a roof leak can mean a simple fix to aging components or an indication that the roof needs to be replaced. Most often we find that aging components are most often the cause of a leak and can be fixed with low cost. Ridgecap Consulting can not only repair your existing leak(s) but can offer a complete seal down. This process involves inspecting all of your roof components, replacing hardware as needed and insuring a complete seal.

Know the difference

It is important to work with a company that knows when it is appropriate to repair or replace your roof. Many contractors will try to push homeowners into replacing their roof when all they require is a simple repair. Ridgecap Consulting has inspectors that are trained to spot the difference. Our inspectors will always recommend repairs when applicable and replacements only when necessary.

More than an inspection

While our inspectors are assessing your roof there are many things they look for. First and foremost, they look at the integrity of your shingle, but it doesn’t stop there. Our unique inspection process details all the damage to your property. We take a close look at all of your roofing components and peripheral items. Anything that can be damaged will be assessed to make sure you are getting the attention that your home deserves. Our inspections are thorough and our representatives are experts in storm damage.

Call Ridgecap Consulting to schedule your full roof assessment.