How does Radiant Barrier Work?

Radiant barrier is a highly reflective material, typically made of aluminum, which blocks the transfer of radiant heat by reflecting it away from its surface offering a permanent way to reduce your monthly utility costs. Radiant barrier foil insulation systems BLOCK radiant heat energy instead of absorbing it like fiberglass insulation.  Because this foil insulation is unaffected by humidity, it will continue to perform no matter how humid the seasonal climate.

What are the BENEFITS of Radiant Barrier?

Radiant barriers reflect/BLOCK 95-97% of the radiant heat transfer and when installed in an attic space, they can result in a reduction of attic temperature below the radiant barrier of up to 30 degrees.  Lowering the temperatures above living space ceilings provides a significant benefit by reducing air conditioning loads and energy usage.

Our radiant barriers can:

  • Reduce heat transfer from attic to living spaces by 16-42%,
  • Extend the life of air conditioning unit,
  • Increase the comfort level of a home or building, and
  • Reduce monthly cooling bills up to 17%.

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